Artisan golf series ARTISANGOLF Series


S20C (soft iron)
Manufacturing method:
Forging + ultra-precision milled machining
Non-plating, hand satin finish (Since it is non-plating, rust will occur.)
Head shape:
Teardrop type + 5 types of sole shape

Suggested retail price (excluding consumption tax):
non-plating ¥26,000 (head part price)
¥34,000~ (Club reference retail price: steel shaft)
¥39,000~ (Club reference retail price: carbon shaft)
Ni-Cr plating ¥26,500 (head part price)
¥34,500~ (Club reference retail price: steel shaft)
¥39,500~ (Club reference retail price: carbon shaft)
DBM (black) ¥27,000 (head part price)
¥35,000~ (Club reference retail price: steel shaft)
¥40,000~ (Club reference retail price: carbon shaft)

*1: Please consult the dealer for details of the club price.

The ARTISANGOLF SERIES lineup consists of 17 different wedges with 5 different sole types and 8 different loft combinations, which were devised based on feedback from tour players. Players can select the one that best suits their individual playing style, and the models allow all players to experience the high quality of the Tour custom level.
Patrick Reed used the ARTISANGOLF SERIES to win the first major in 2018.

The ARTISANGOLF SERIES features a head size that is easy to handle from a variety of lies and a sole ground that prevents the leading edge from floating even when the face is open, despite its high bounce design. It provides firm ball contact and spin performance, achieving both the accuracy and maneuverability required for the short game.
The shape was faithfully reproduced by scanning Mike Taylor's hand-grinded master head and applying ultra-precision milled processing.



  • S Standard sole

    Set to all 46-60 degrees
    Standard with an edge on the toe side

  • DS dual sole

    Set to 54,56,58,60 degrees
    High bounce design with dropped toe heel

  • R round sole

    set to 58,60 degrees
    Proven use by Japanese athletes

  • DR Sole

    set to 58, 60 degrees
    Stability due to precise ball contact

  • SB Square Bevel

    Set to 54,56 degrees
    The shape of a top-notch athlete

  • WS wide sole

    set to 56 degrees
    Wide sole width and standard bounce angle

Ultra-precision milled face and scoreline

Scoreline processing, which is the upper limit of R&A rules, ensures the spin performance that players demand.
The ultra-precise milled face improves the smoothness of the face and provides accurate ball contact for maximum stability.
The performance of the face and scoreline has been proven on the Tour, where it has been used on Augusta greens, known as "glass greens," and has led to victories.

Head weight adjustment plug system

The hosel inner weight design makes it easy to adjust to shaft diversification and player's requests.
The balance can be adjusted with two types of weight tips (sold separately): 3.3g of stainless steel and 7g of tungsten.

SPEC specifications

Spec table 1
Spec table 2

* Specifications are design values. There are currently no plans to expand Left Hand.