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インフィニットゴルフ オンラインストア

ARTISAN GOLF iron cover sold separately

ARTISAN GOLF will release a limited quantity of iron covers designed to match its stand golf bags and golf bags from 2022/12/02.

The design is based on the motif of TEXAS's iconic Western boots. The material and embroidery are carefully selected to create an unprecedented golf bag with both a luxurious and casual feel.

✔ The iconic color fabric is the same as the stand back.

✔ Stretch material is used for the back and neck.

✔ Velcro stopper designed to prevent slipping out.

✔ Also available in solid color for wedges without numbering.

◆ Country of manufacture: China
◆ Release Date: December 2
◆ Limited to 100 of each color
◆ Part No.